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The Rise in Female Gang Members Essay -- Organized Crime Gangs

Numerous individuals perceive that posses have been around for what appears for eternity. What they don't understand is that the numbers are expanding to stunning extents, there were 28,000 youth posses with 780,200 individuals in the United States (in 2000) and 20% to 46% of those individuals are female (Evans). Furthermore, what is much additionally stunning is, in Chicago alone there are 16,000 to 20,000 female posse individuals (Eghigian). These young ladies begin as ?groupies?, become individuals, and some of the time even pioneers of all-young lady posses due to inconveniences in the home, a requirement for cash, for the social scene, or in light of the fact that it is all they know. Allison Abner, who composed Gangsta young ladies, plunked down and talked with three young ladies who have all been in packs while, two despite everything are. These young ladies talk about themselves and numerous others that live in segregated neighborhoods, where the secondary school drop-out rates are high, just as joblessness rates (Abner). They are prepared to buckle down, and to accomplish, yet are not given the chances to do as such. They regularly originate from upset and rough homes and simply need something to ?fill the void...

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Musaabir Laiyemo Essays - Education, Health, Nursing, Free Essays

Musaabir Laiyemo Essays - Education, Health, Nursing, Free Essays Musaabir Laiyemo Educator Atkins ENGW 104 038 November 22 , 2015 Basic Writing Redefined Much can be said about the discussion among scholastic and basic composition. I accept scholarly composing is any composing that is accomplished for a class in a secondary school, school, or college and follows a specific rule. Basic composing would compose that is done to examine and scrutinize whatever the author d eems fit . This incorporates yet isn't constrained to books, plays, craftsmanship, discourses, games, or even an ordinary discussion. With respect to my major, nursing, basic composing would compose that it done to break down and evaluate a paper and comprehend the motivation behind why the writer decided to compose it. These two types of composing have several similitudes and contrasts that recognize what their motivation is. Scholarly and basic composing are two types of abstract composing that investigate and react to occasions or messages for various reasons in various manners. As expressed in the presentation, I accept that basic composing is composing that is done to investigate, study, and remark on the stren g th of the contention of an occasion . While basic composing is typically connected with being done in light of artistic work, it should be possible because of anything by any stretch of the imagination. Concerning my major (nursing) basic composing could be composing that is done to break down and analyze anything inside nursing as long as it identifies with the field. For instance, The Politics of Intimate Care: Gender, Race, and Nursing Work by Charissa J. Danger is a prime agent of basic composition inside nursing. This article basically inspects the historical backdrop of nursing and breaks down what made the field predominately female the manner in which it is today. To precisely reclassify what basic composing is in nursing, one would must have an information on what basic composing is and have experience perusing and composing papers on the theme. This type of composing would be done exclusively for the individuals who are in the nursing field and have a specific comprehension and information about the theme. This is on the grounds that it would contain a great deal of language that anybody outside of the field may not comprehend. While a specific type of basic composing would just be for those in the nursing field, basic composing can exist in any organization. A similar article that can be distributed in a clinical/nursing diary can likewise be distributed in an ordinary magazine like People or Us Weekly. Be that as it may, it'd must be composed contrastingly on the grounds that the intended interest group isn't the equivalent. Significantly increasingly normal and easier words would need to be utilized so the standard crowd can comprehend. In The Politics of Intimate Care: Gender, Race, and Nursing Work, Threat utilizes straightforward terms to depict early perspectives on nursing. She examines the idea of nursing being intended for ladies on the grounds that the real nursing activity is sub-par compared to medication (Threat 14) and ladies were viewed as second rate compared to men. In this way, it should be the ideal employment for ladies since they should be helpful, faithful, and submissive (Threat 11) or something the y have been their entire lives. These normally realized words help reinforce her contention on the grounds that the crowd gets them and would now be able to see her perspective better and take their own remain on the subject. Authors in nursing have an obligation to their individual friends to clarify the theme that they are composing on and give motivations to why it is significant and ought to be paid attention to. The essayist needs to ensure that the theme that the person is composing on is significant and influences the lives of various individuals. Then again, journalists who compose for crowds outside of nursing have a harder activity. These journalists would need to ensure they clarify what the theme is and why the crowd ought to try and read the bit of work. In addition, the author has the duty to evade language and utilize basic words to clarify their point while keeping the work genuinely compact. They would likewise need to ensure the composing is connecting enough so the peruser doesn't put down the

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Introduction to Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Introduction to Data Management Platforms (DMP) Technology has transformed the way companies use data. Today’s companies need more data to streamline their marketing campaigns and to target their products for the right audience. But it isn’t just about gathering information â€" companies also need to be able to use this information and integrate it to their service.New data platforms have emerged from these basic needs and one of the most popular one is the data management platform (DMP). DMPs have quickly transformed the way companies gather and use information. This has also led to the emergence of unique DMPs, with different functions to help provide benefits for companies. Picking the right platform from the crowd can be difficult, especially if you are unsure what the platform is all about.If you want to improve the way your business collects and gathers data, this introduction will help you understand what are the core functions of DMPs. You’ll also understand what are the benefits to using a DMP and how you can pick t he right platform for your business needs. © | Mathias RosenthalIn this article, we will discuss 1) what Data Management Platforms are, 2) the main features of good DMPs, 3) the benefits of using DMPs, and 4) how to start using a DMP.WHAT ARE DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS (DMPs)?Although DMPs have been around for quite a while now, they are not very well known for companies, especially outside of the marketing industry. This is partly down to the difficulty in understanding what is unique about DMPs and the functions of using the platform.There are a few ways to define DMPs. The simple definition of DMP is that they are similar to platforms, which save and store data. DMP is special software that stores the data but also organizes it and presents the information in a manner that help users to make better decisions, especially in regards of marketing.In technical terms, the platform’s operations can be explained as the dispersion of information from different data sources and the resulting segmentation of this information. The information DMP uses often comes from the users’ online and offline data, such as sales records or site visitors. But it also uses third party data sources to ensure the information is the most accurate and useful for the user.The above definition might seem like DMPs are database systems, but they are different to a typical database. Although you could technically store all sorts of information in DMPs, it is mainly used to store data that helps in advertising strategies. In addition, the ability to analyze and present the information in segments is a core aspect of DMPs. Essentially DMPs are all about understanding customer information in a more analytic manner.Three main functionsIt is easier to understand the definition of DMPs by looking at its core functions. As you’ll see later in the guide, good DMPs are much more than just these three functions, but they will help understand the benefits and uses of DMPs.The three functions of DMPs include:Import data â €" DMP gathers information from the three sources mentioned above: online and offline data, as well as third party data. It imports all this information to the platform.Find segments â€" As the information is implemented, DMP starts to look for segments. These can be defined by the user according to their needs. Perhaps you’ll need to find audiences that are from a specific demographic and so on. You can also change and adjust these segments along the way.Send instructions â€" Finally, the platform will finally send instructions to help users utilize the above segments and data in marketing. It can fine-tune your marketing strategies in an efficient way.The above is just an overall look at the functions and each point is delved in deeper at the next section.What is the difference between DMP and DSP?You might have heard about demand-side platforms (DSP) and you might be confused whether DMP and DSP are essentially the same thing. There is a big difference in terms of use and funct ion.DSPs are platforms used for buying advertising, often based on the information provided by DMPs. Often information flows directly from a DMP to a DSP. While DMP will provide marketers a lot of useful information, the platform itself won’t allow putting this information into use.The difference between the two platforms is beginning to fade a bit. This is because many technology providers of DMPs also provide DSPs. This often provides users a single platform experience, which in some instances can be more convenient. THE MAIN FEATURES OF GOOD DMPsThe above three functions can be viewed in a more detailed manner as well. The below features give you a better and more detailed understanding of the benefits marketers and publishers will enjoy using DMPs.Data collectionData collection is naturally the core function of DMPs. It is essentially about the first core function: importing data. DMPs can collect and import data in a number of ways. Data collection is usually focused on impor ting data from the company’s marketing systems and platforms. This could be through e-commerce and customer platforms, e-mail, social media and other similar sources.Data collection also helps to match data to similar information. For example, DMP allows the recognition of customer IDs that then will be linked to information found during the data collection. Therefore, it makes it easier to match information to specific customers, even in cases of use of anonymous ID.Finally, data collection through DMP doesn’t take place at a specific time, but it is a continuous process. Therefore, you’ll continue to collect data as it becomes available. This guarantees the end-product is always up to date. Furthermore, you should find a DMP system, which allows you to import offline data as well. Not all data is necessarily online and, for example, if you want to include in-store behavior to your data, it is crucial to be able to implement offline data.Data classificationData classification falls under the second category of creating segments based on the data. This feature of DMP is all about providing enough information to define groups, which can then be used to improve marketing.These can be organized in clusters and segments of your choosing. DMPs allow you to define your own groups based on the needs of your business project and campaign.Data classification essentially allows you create audience profiles, which can be used later for marketing purposes.Data analysisThe segments can then be used for data analysis. You can utilize data analysis in different ways depending on your specific needs. Most common examples include using the data to estimate price for a new product and understanding the reach of your new marketing campaign.DMPs can also use the data to suggest new target markets. Including a huge amount of data to your analysis, the platform can find connections you might have missed. In fact, DMPs can teach you a lot about your customers.Often the data an alysis includes a certain level of report creation. Overall, the above information can be used directly for advertising and marketing purposes. This can be anything from direct advertising to website personalization and so on. You often also have options to deciding how the report lays out the data. This is especially helpful when you are looking to use the data in order to find new connections.Data transferLike data analysis, data transfer also falls under the third core function of sending instructions. The most used data transfer often includes the provision of access to data vendors. The data you gather through a DMP can often be used by other agencies and companies and many are willing to purchase this information.ScalabilityFinally, a good DMP will provide the user the option of scalability. A good platform makes it easy to tweak the data collection and data analysis according to your needs. This is especially important for growing businesses.Furthermore, the amount of data av ailable for companies is growing constantly and you don’t want to limit your business approach by leaving out certain data points. A DMP must be able to use all possible data points efficiently in an instant to guarantee your data provides the maximum benefits to your business.THE BENEFITS OF USING DMPsThe above dealt with the essence of DMPs and the aspects behind a good platform. While DMPs can be used by companies operating in different fields, they are most commonly used by agencies, publishers and marketers.Typically, these organizations benefit from the opportunity to control vast amount of data in order to make decisions. Businesses that are looking to streamline their business approach or find more growth opportunities would definitely benefit from the service.DMPs are also crucial for improving the way a company communicates with its audience. If there is a need to boost marketing campaigns or to ensure you reach the correct audience, then a DMP is beneficial. Essentially , DMPs can provide its users with better return on investment (ROI). This is down to it being able to focus the company’s efforts towards the sectors and segments, which provide the biggest returns for the business.As the above highlights, marketers and other such agencies have traditionally championed the use of DMPs. But these days’ publishers are also using the platform in order to gain better understanding of the readership. For example, the Wall Street Journal collects data this way, as it helps streamline the financial services ads.So, what are the benefits that drive marketers, publishers and agencies towards these platforms? The key benefits DMPs provide to users include:Making it easier to research audience and their preferences. The automatization of DMPs ensures you get access to the data and the recommendations quickly. More traditional data collection methods could in fact mean the information you draw from the data is incorrect. But DMPs can make all the three key functions almost instantaneously.Getting the relevant messages across in a convenient and efficient manner â€" improves communication. DMPs area also useful for their flexibility. The huge amounts of data can be used in a number of ways and the information can easily be engineered to fit different aspects of business operations.Data research becomes easier and efficient â€" DMPs offer an alternative to fragmented alternatives, which often focus on predetermined segments.Retargeting marketing campaigns is easier, which in turn can guarantee your business is talking to the right audience at all times. It removes part of the cost factor of retargeting, as you don’t need to re-launch a data collection and analysis process.DMPs scalability makes it possible to ensure your marketing efforts are up to date depending on the growth of your company and its needs. The more data points you are able to include to your platform the more accurate and usable your information is going to be.Improv ing of website optimisation â€" marketing campaigns such as search engine optimisation (SEO) become much more straightforward.The above mentioned benefits are the main advantages of using DMPs. Naturally the importance of each might depend on your own needs. Marketers might take advantage of different benefits to publishers and so on.HOW TO START USING DMPAfter you understand the benefits of DMPs to your business, then you need to find the right platform for you to use. Starting to use a DMP isn’t difficult, but you should do enough research beforehand to ensure you find the right product for your needs.There are certain security and ethical aspects you naturally need to keep in mind when looking into using a DMP. Furthermore, there are a number of platforms available â€" some more suited to certain needs â€" and research into different platforms is crucial to ensure make the most of the product.The following are the key steps you need to take and the essential factors you need to keep in mind when looking into DMPs.Identify your needsWhen you are starting your research into DMPs, keep your own data needs at the forefront. Identify the data that is most usable to your business and set out the goals you want to achieve with your DMP. This can help narrow down the platforms.It is important to note that implementation, especially during the initial phase, is not done overnight. The process can be time consuming, so it is crucial to have a good understanding of your goals and needs before the implementation can begin.Security and ethical aspects of using DMPsOne important aspect you need to keep in mind is security. DMPs collect vast amounts of data and you need to make sure the platform you choose pays enough attention to this aspect. You need to make sure the collection of data doesn’t breach any information laws in your region and you naturally need to make sure the data you gather remains safe and secure. You don’t want other companies gain access to you r data without your knowledge.As mentioned briefly above, the data collection done by DMP also raises ethical questions. You need to be clear about the kind of data you are collecting and how you inform your clients about the data collection, its storage, and its use. You need to ensure your DMP keeps consumer rights and preferences at the forefront.Open and private DMPThere are two main types of DMPs: open and private DMPs.Open DMPs â€" if you opt for open DMP, the access to the data is more open for third party agencies. This could mean that advertisers are directly operating the open platform for you. Data collected with open DMPs is often related to website information, demographic and audience data and other advertising related data.Private DMPs â€" private DMPs often are used together with open DMPs, but they can also be used as a standalone platform. These gather data, which only aggregates the proprietary of marketing data. This includes data such as information on client pu rchases and user profiles.Picking the right programFinally, with the above in mind you can start looking into the different DMPs in the market. The industry has developed fast in the past few years and there are a number of options available.Your choice of platform might be influenced whether you are looking to operate the platform yourself or have an agency do it for you. Whichever approach works for you, always ensure you look into a few alternatives before making the choice.There have been numerous studies into the best DMPs in the market. The below programmes are not only the most common on the market, but were also chosen by the Forrester Wave report as some of the best in business.Adobe AudienceManagerX+1Blue KaiAggregate KnowledgeCoreAudienceKnoticenParioThe list is not comprehensive and you could look at other platforms as part of your research. But the above products are great for new users and provide many of the benefits and core function mentioned in this guide.CONCLUSIO NThe above shows that DMPs have become an integral part of company operations. The benefits of a proper DMP platform can transform your business’ approach and help it not only grow but also to improve its services and products. DMPs are quite simply the embodiment of the big data approach to business and marketing.DMPs have grown in importance in the past few years, as the importance of data has become more evident for a company survival. By understanding the benefits and the core functions of the platform, you can find the right approach to using a DMP as part of your marketing and publishing strategy.

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Gambling Outline Essay - 912 Words

Nick Cortese Research Outline Gambling Thesis: Gambling in society has detrimental effects to people in United States. Topic: I. There are certain types of gambling that people should be aware of. A. Gambling is any bet you make that involves chance, a stake, and there is a pay-off. â€Å"Here is the definition of gamble – to play at any game of chance for stakes, to bet on an uncertain outcome† (Brown). â€Å"The following three elements must be present for something to be defined as gambling: a pay-off, the element of chance, and the stake risked by the bettor† (Brown). B. Many events could be considered gambling, but the most popular form of gambling is lotteries. â€Å"Some types of†¦show more content†¦House of Representatives committee on Small Business, for every $1 the state receives in gambling revenues, it costs the state at least $3 in increased criminal-justice, social-welfare and other expenses† (Brown). B. Even though gambling brings in revenue to the state government, the government doesnt help the public when they use the revenue. â€Å"Critics argue that U.S. states should not encourage their residents to waste money on lottery games† (Update: Lotteries). â€Å"Also, critics maintain that lottery revenues do not significantly improve the quality of eduation in most states, and are often diverted to unknown or wasteful purposes† (Update: Lotteries). C. The revenue earned from gambling and lotteries just substitutes the funds for education so the money doesnt add to the education funds. â€Å"In many cases, they argue, lottery proceeds merely replace – rather than supplement – money that states had already earmarked for education† (Update: Lotteries). â€Å" [State] legislators merely substitute general revenue funds with lottery dollars, so the schools dont really gain any additional funding, says O. Homer Erekson† (Update: Lotteries). Topic: III. If gambling were to be legalized , it would hurt the lower income people even more greatly. A. Low-income people are more likely to spend more on gambling because they want to get rich quick. â€Å"The Field InstitutesShow MoreRelatedSocial Problems Created by Gambling1185 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Problems Created by Gambling Submitted to Ms. Joyce Lim Senior Executive MEMO TO: Ms Joyce Lim FROM: Andy Tan, Executive, Ministry for Home Affairs DATE: 28 September, 2012 SUBJECT: How to minimize social problems arising from gambling As you requested on August 2012, our report outlines the findings into how to minimize social problems arising from gambling. Since casino started operations, casino-related crimes have been occurring on averageRead MoreSatirical cartoon analysis Essay examples594 Words   |  3 Pagesbe analyzing an Australian Political cartoon targeting a current issue- Tony Abbott and his Asylum seeker policy I have chosen a relevant cartoon by Cathy Wilcox, published in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 22nd of December 2013. I’ll firstly outline the cartoon’s contextual information, after which I’ll explore the satirical elements used by Wilcox to persuade the readers of her perspective. Finishing with an evaluation of the cartoons effectiveness. Firstly, to the context of this cartoonRead MoreCharacteristics Of The Pigeon Racing2312 Words   |  10 Pagesamount of prize money is up to several million Australian dollars in one season. However, risk also comes in that gambling is illegal, except for state-run lotteries and a controversy over animal rights. Pigeon clubs are under the risk of being inspected. According to a newspaper report, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) received an accusation of pigeon racing violating gambling laws and the Animal Protection Act from members of the Ethical Treatment of Animals US (PETA US). The Bureau inspectedRead MoreEffects Of Casino Gambling On The United States2737 Words   |  11 PagesCasino Gambling in the United States There is an extensive and constantly changing literature on the effects of casino gambling in the United States. As of December 2010, there were 939 commercial, tribal, and race track casinos operating in 38 states in the US (American Gaming Association, 2011.) In this paper, I will review the economic literature on the effect of casino gambling, looking at three categories: Price Sensitivity, Social Effects, and Location Determinants. This paper will exploreRead MoreThe State s Gambling Policy Essay2044 Words   |  9 Pagescitizens, while at the same time protecting them from foreseeable harm. In this essay I argue that the state’s gambling policy should be a proactive one, that is, the state should do as much as it can to prevent problem gambling before it happens, while also preserving individual freedom. To first develop a state policy for gambling, one must understand why gambling should be legal. Gambling, in itself, is not morally wrong. It is difficult to see anything wrong with a person wagering their own propertyRead MoreOnline Video Game Is A Game Of Probability For Money Essay1834 Words   |  8 PagesThe denotative meaning of gambling as defined by the online dictionary â€Å"is the activity or practice of playing a game of chance for money or other stakes† ( Online video game is â€Å"a video game which is or can be played over a computer network (now usually the Internet); (later) especially one enabling two or more players to participate simultaneously from different locations† ( It is imperative to indicate that gambling is an online video game in this regardRead MoreMarketing Pl An Informative Sports Betting1945 Words   |  8 PagesMARKETING PLAN THE COURSE The topic of the new course to be designed is an informative sports betting guide for beginners. The purpose of the course will be to educate the audience on betting terms and responsible gambling. The outcome from the course will be an in-depth understanding of sports betting and an individualised, strategic method to increase the likelihood of success. The course will include an introduction to sports betting with an overview of common terms and responsible betting.Read MoreShould Gambling Be Legal?2890 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction Gambling, is often described as a simple form of entertainment, this form of entertainment has become an extreme of uncontrollable behavior to many people. There are many terms that describes a person who over use gambling, which include pathological gamblers, gambling addicts, or compulsive gamblers (Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office , 1957). One reason that the terms are being used is due the development of legalized gambling and an abundance of people are gravitatedRead MoreThe Relationship Between Hospitality and Tourism Essay1647 Words   |  7 Pageswhich serve alcohol. The Occupational Health and Safety Act is the overriding legislation that covers all workplaces and describes the general requirements that will ensure a healthy and safe workplace. It is a framework of responsibilities and outlines the duty of care that employers, employees and others have, to promote a safe and healthy work environment. The Food Hygiene, Health and Safety Act provides food hygiene regulations for people who work in the hospitality industry it reviews theRead Morelegalizing gambling983 Words   |  4 Pages Legalizing Casino Gambling in Texas Persuasive Speech Outline Legalizing Casino Gambling in Texas Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my class about why legalizing casino gambling in Texas is for the better. Thesis Statement: Legalizing casino gambling in the state of Texas would enhance society and will be beneficial for the entire state. Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution Introduction I. Did you know that gambling generates more revenue than

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The Moral of Arthur Millers The Crucible Essay - 3017 Words

The Moral of Arthur Millers The Crucible In the 17th century a group of Puritans from England immigrated to America to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. The white settlers arrived in New England in 1620, and Salem, Massachusetts had been in existence for about forty years by 1692. Salem developed as a theocracy. This was based on the coexistence of religious prayer and hard work. Entertainment, such as dancing, or any enjoyment at all was perceived as a sin. The isolation of the Puritan society created a rigid social system that did not allow for any variation in lifestyle. The Puritans felt insecure with the knowledge of the Native Americans in the forest. They felt persecuted and constantly under attack.†¦show more content†¦This definition is easily connected to the play. To start with, witches supposedly use cauldrons to brew their magic potions, and a synonym for cauldron is crucible. Not only do witches use cauldrons, but the word crucible also could have some metaphorical meaning. The actions in Salem were like that in a brewing cauldron, there were many heated arguments, and people were being ‘stirred’ and ‘mixed’ around like a vile potion. The plays central theme is the spiritual development of John Proctor. He changed from thinking solely about himself to thinking about who was in need most beside himself. He is made better and ‘purified’. The story illustrates how people react to mass hysteria, created by a person or group of people desiring fame, as people did during the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s. Many Americans were wrongly accused of being communist sympathisers. The activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee began to be linked with the witchcraft trials that had taken place in the town of Salem. This provided Miller with the catalyst to write the crucible. Arthur Miller himself was called before the committee in 1956. He found himself I the same dilemma as John Proctor, as a hero. He was asked to name people who had attended a meeting in the past. He refused to do so and was fined for contempt of Congress. Miller claimed it was the courageous thing to do in thoseShow MoreRelated Arthur Miller Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesArthur Miller Arthur Miller, in his plays, deals with the injustice of societys moral values and the characters who are vulnerable to its cruelty. A good majority of these plays were very successful and earned numerous awards. According to Brooks Atkinson, a critic for the New York Times, Millers play Death of a Salesman was successful because the play is so simple in style and so inevitable in theme that it scarcely seems like a thing that has been written and acted. For Mr. MillerRead MoreThe Crucible Film Analysis1735 Words   |  7 PagesThe 1996 film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible tells us far more about what modern society thinks the puritans are, than what the historic realities were. The film paints a one-sided and reductionist picture of puritan life and relationships, focusing on the themes of religious intolerance and how reputation is connected to the morals of a society. By examining the film on an analytical level, we can pull out larger connections betwee n modern society and the puritan way of life. One ofRead MoreSimilarities Between Apology Speech And The Crucible793 Words   |  4 Pagessocial injustices to drive individuals to pursue their own motivations. Composers’ representations of the complex relationship between people and politics are influenced by various moral and social agendas, whereby a portrayal of reality and meaning is inherently subjective. Arthur Miller’s dramatic allegory â€Å"The Crucible† explores the political and social ramifications of the contentious ‘Cold War’ period in American history when the widespread fear of communism arose. Kevin Rudd’s political speechRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller993 Words   |  4 Pagesauthor is Arthur Miller, playwright for the famous 1950’s play, The Crucible. In Miller’s The Crucible, reputation plays an influential role in the outcome of the play. A major portion of the population is led to plead guilty in order to save their reputation, have their reputation ruined by pleading innocent, or ruin their reputations so as to protect others. Several of these characters are Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, and John Proctor. The first of multiple characters in Arthur Miller’s play, TheRead MoreThe Handmaids Tale And The Crucible1695 Words   |  7 PagesIs Resistance Futile? What do The Handmaid’s Tale and The Crucible suggest about the nature of resisting and rebelling against social order? Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Arthur Miller’s ,The Crucible, explore the consequences surrounding the nature of resisting and rebelling against social order. Resistance the refusal to accept or comply with something or to actively and passively fight against something. Atwood’s new government of Gilead in The Handmaid’s Tale enforces unthinkableRead MoreFear of Witchcraft as Metaphor in The Crucible by Arthur Miller1161 Words   |  5 PagesFear of Witchcraft as Metaphor in The Crucible   Ã‚  Ã‚   The Crucible uses fear of witchcraft in the America of the 1600s as a metaphor for the fear of communism that was widespread in America in the 1950s. Arthur Miller wished to show that the attitudes and behaviour of the villagers of Salem were as irrational and ill-founded as the attitude and behaviour of the committee chaired by Senator McCarthy. Essentially Miller uses the 17th century setting to provide critical distance between theRead MoreCrucible Essay Example888 Words   |  4 PagesJustice and The Crucible While justice is meant to be directed with upmost fairness and equality, Arthur Miller’s film The Crucible demonstrates that this does not always succeed, and in many situations the forces of injustices are exposed. From different points of views, justice can be formed or destroyed. In the film The Crucible, Arthur Miller convinces his audience that reason, emotion, and character shows injustice throughout the social hardship in a Puritan community. Justice is one of theRead MoreThe True Tragic Hero: The Crucible’s John Proctor Essay1044 Words   |  5 Pagesand is living a lie† (McGill 4). John Proctor is one of the main characters in The Crucible. he is married to Elizabeth Proctor and they live in Salem. In Arthur Miller’s famous play, The Crucible, John Proctor represents a classic tragic hero because he is a well respected man of noble stature, he is conflicted because of his fatal flaw, and his downfall is a result of his own choices. First, in The Crucible, John Proctor is very well known in the town of Salem. â€Å"John Proctor was not simplyRead More Why The Crucible Remains Important Today Essay976 Words   |  4 Pages Why ‘The Crucible’ Remains Important Today For a story of any kind to have any relevance or meaning some 50 years after being written and indeed almost 400 years after it was set, it needs to contain themes and ideas that have been uniformly felt and experienced by people from all walks of life as well as continuing to speak to and have meaning to new and changed generations of people. Years after being written, Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, still successfully speaks to numerous generations ofRead MoreEssay about Why the Crucible Remains Important Today1015 Words   |  5 PagesWhy ‘The Crucible Remains Important Today For a story of any kind to have any relevance or meaning some 50 years after being written and indeed almost 400 years after it was set, it needs to contain themes and ideas that have been uniformly felt and experienced by people from all walks of life as well as continuing to speak to and have meaning to new and changed generations of people. Years after being written, Arthur Millers ‘The Crucible, still successfully speaks to numerous generations

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The Death Penalty Shall Stay Free Essays

The United States is known for its big capital punishment or death penalty mentality. However, passions in the U.S. We will write a custom essay sample on The Death Penalty Shall Stay or any similar topic only for you Order Now are sharply divided, and equally strong among both supporters and protesters of the death penalty. The death penalty in this country should not be eliminated though. First, death is the only just punishment for murderers. Second, life without parole is far more expensive than a death sentence. Lastly, capital punishment serves as a deterrent for future potential criminals. All in all, it is important that the death penalty remains in the United States. When a murderer is executed, the message to the criminal and society is that the crime he committed is so heinous; he forfeits his own right to live. Justice for All states that juries do not impose the death penalty loosely. They continue to explain that the death penalty is imposed with a sense of protection and justice, not revenge (Social Issues: Justice for All). The death penalty punishment is earned as a result of the pain and suffering the criminal has caused on the victim and the victim’s loved ones. â€Å"For some crimes, it represents the only just punishment available on earth† (Sharp). Also, our society has nonetheless steadily moved to more humane methods of carrying out capital punishment. Many opponents of the death penalty argue that the cost of capital punishment is about twice as expensive as life without parole punishments. Although the upfront costs for the death penalty are in fact higher than the costs for life without parole cases, this concept flips as the years pass. Justice for All states that life without parole cases will cost $1.2 million-$3.6 million more over time than equivalent death penalty cases (Sharp). Another factor that opponents of the death penalty fail to recognize is the cost that branches out of life imprisonment. Keeping these criminals alive in prison costs money whether it’s for the food, space, water for the showers, etc. So, why spend the money for murderers who don’t deserve it? Lastly, common sense later followed by piles and piles of statistics has proven that criminals often plead for a life in prison rather than death. In the past it was believed that the death of murderers 1) prevents future crime or misbehavior from the murderer and 2) discourages other future and/or potential murderers from committing crimes. In the present, Paul Rubin, a professor of economics and law at Emory University uses detailed statistical analysis of the available data on the deterrent effects of capital punishment. He and his colleagues concluded that each execution led to an average of eighteen fewer murders (Rubin). Not only has the death penalty rid us of criminals but it has the future effect of reducing the crime rate. How to cite The Death Penalty Shall Stay, Essay examples

Monday, May 4, 2020

Parties No Longer Provide Ideological Choice free essay sample

However, the extent to which the Democrats and Liberal Democrats, supposedly Liberal parties, and the Republicans and Conservatives, who promote themselves as such ‘conservative’ right wing-ers, adhere to these philosophies is arguable. Legislation passed by these parties is one way of deciphering the ideologies of each party, and whether each bill promotes either Liberalism or Conservatism. Primarily, the Democrats have been associated with Liberalism since FDR’s New deal from the 1930’s. Although the ‘tax and spend’ policies have become unfashionable in recent years, most Democrats would still identify themselves as liberals, with similar philosophies. Recent policies do support this argument, shown by the Democratic president Obama who, in January 2009, alongside a Democratic Congress, passed a $700 billion economic stimulus package. This is clearly identifiable as a liberal policy, reinforcing the states’ role in the economy. Moreover, it was the very same congress and president who passed Obama-care, which regulates heavily the health insurance industry. We will write a custom essay sample on Parties No Longer Provide Ideological Choice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These are both clearly liberal policies, with the latter extending healthcare to over 20 million low-income Americans’ who almost certainly voted Democrat, showing the Liberal policy of ‘protecting the vulnerable’. From this we can see that the Democrats, certainly in congressional policy, pass liberal legislation. The case within the United Kingdom is a somewhat different one. Historically, the Labour party has been Liberal, yet in recent years it has become somewhat centralized, maintaining the stance of being the ‘socialist’ party. The recent 2010 election resulted in a hung parliament, and so a co-alition between Liberal Democrats and Conservatives was formed. However, it can be argued that the ideological policies of this coalition are still rather right wing, as the Conservatives have a larger proportion of seats than the Liberal Democrats. The legislation has also been rather less Liberal than the Lib Dems would have hoped, with them conceding on raising Education fees, and also the reform of the House of Lords. Similarly to the Democrats, the Republicans have shown much in recent years to call themselves an ideologically conservative party. The last Republican president, George Bush Jr. , extended tax cuts to millions of high and middle earners. The ‘Bush tax cuts’ communicates a key belief in conservatism that the federal government should be more limited, and that taxes should be slashed in order to stimulate a free market economy, clearly a conservative policy. In addition to this, Bush relieved the role of the Federal Government in some public utilities to voluntary and private sectors as part of his ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ policies. Again, this is an example of republicans showing their ideological conservatism as they push to reduce the power of the government. We can therefore see large differences between the beliefs held between the two main US parties, with the democrats attempting to pass liberal rooted policies, whilst the Republicans’ aim to pass conservative ones. It is arguable to state that Political Ideologies are aimed towards different classes, with Democrats, New Labour, and Liberal Democrats’ Liberalism policies typically being aimed towards the lower and middle classes, with the Conservatives’ and Republicans’ Conservatice ideologies being found more appealing by the upper classes. However, within todays society, it is noted that the class system is eroding, leading to an ideological confusion between the parties. This is shown through the 2010 British election results, in which a Liberalist Centre party (Liberal Democrats) and a Conservatice right wing party (Conservatices) had to join together in coalition due to the result of a hung parliament. This demonstrates an unclear ideological difference between the choice of 3 Major parties due to the lack of consensus within the Electorate as to who should be in parliament. This could be used to illustrate thus that there is no clear ideological choice through the parties, as there was no clear consensus upon a particular popular policy route. Thes parties have also been able to merge their ideologies (albeit with some compromise) in order to facilitate this co-alition, adding further weight to the knowledge that party ideologies, at least within the UK, are weak, and provide no clear choice.